SweetBerry Export

Feeding the World

We are a network of berry producers from 3 sectors in Chile: San Pedro Melipilla, Santo Domingo Valparaíso and Curanipe Cauquenes.

We specialize in frozen whole fruit of all calibers, guaranteeing compliance with the requirements of all our global customers.

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Frozen Berries From Chile

We provide our customers with the highest quality frozen fruit. As part of our way of working, we always try to define long-term programs, putting special focus on the fulfillment of the commitment, both in volumes and dispatch dates.

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Sweetberry Production Process


Our main differentiator is that we are throughout the entire production chain. Thanks to this, we guarantee the traceability of our products, as well as compliance with phytosanity regulations.

Sweetberry Production Process

Food Safety

As a direct consequence of our Production System, we can offer aspects related to Food Safety.

We are enabled to track each fruit, from the field to the end customer, which allows us to meet goals and expectations in the most demanding markets.



1- Blueberries: Product made with fresh blueberries carefully picked, with a blue uniform color and turgid texture. Excellent source of antioxidants, great taste and low in calories.

2- Wild Blueberries: Product made with fresh wild blueberries carefully picked with a blue uniform color and turgid texture. Excellent source of antioxidants with low calories content.